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Uncle B
19 May 2009 @ 17:04
Hello Buns and Two Foots,

We have a very grave situation whereby Bibi is confined to her pen until she gets a Furcut. She can't have a furcut until she gets a Volvo. Well I thought I would offer her this Volvo and if she likes it she can have it. I don't know how it will help but there you are. If any of you have a Volvo that would be better for Bibi then please give it to her. Here is the Volvo I found for her:

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Uncle B
13 May 2009 @ 14:49
I have been instructed by Dame Maddie Bunny via Aunty K who is still "offline" at the moment that she sends her O-Fish-All greetings on the 4th Burp-Day of her son-buck-in-law Sacha. Dame Maddie has gone into hibernation since the passing of Bently Bun and is now being fed different doses of diazepam where the coloured bits in her mix usually are. Sacha's Bun Wife Inga is presently on a course in Cognitive Bunhaviour Therapy for her Mum, so she will be sending you a big lick as soon as she gets back from college. Hoppy Burp-Day Sacha. I hope your family isn't like this.

Uncle A

Here's a picture of Aunty K, but where is she and what is she looking at?

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Uncle B
22 April 2009 @ 16:53
This bun went to see Aunty Karen to stock up on some essentials. He allowed the two-foot to drive his motor-hutch. As you can see, he travels in style. But...can you guess who he is (and who his dad might be?)


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Uncle B
02 February 2009 @ 19:14
For you Ameribuns, the wrong kind of snow does exist. Its about 2 inches deep and stops everything. We only get it in the United Bundom. Here are some pics of the worst snow in London for 18 years. We dont get it very often.

The "new" church. (Gilbert Scott gothic revival job)

The Old Church (16 century apart from Hitler modified bits)

Go anywhere Snowman.

The Bun Enclosure (for Aunty Karen)

Now Bunnies are 4PD (4 paw drive) so we have no problems with the Snow

No time like now for a wash

I'll just sleep here.

See you all soon,

Uncle B

Uncle B
30 December 2008 @ 20:29
I was looking for somewhere to go an look for a new Bunny... Well of all of the border services Japan makes it easy to get in, but is it easy to get out again. If you are an Ameribun, it goes like this. I don't recommend sitting on top of the hairy plane as it might be a bit cold..

Now if you are a Eurobun, its a bit more complicated:

Hoppy new year...


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Uncle B
24 December 2008 @ 10:06
Hello Fellow Buns

I have allowed a two foot to give the werld my chis moose greeting dis yeer. Aw ravver I waz. Uncle Bawdy told me dat Bunnies is no Kosher so dat if I waz a jooish bunny I would never get daeeten and ollways be well imnsoored against dizaster like a plobim wiv my most ooseful bit. Hwover itz vewy hawd to becom a jooish bunny and it appawently needs a visit to da vet. So mebbe not.

Now sum of yoo may not no dat Wooworths shop is abowt to close in da England. I closed over da Big Pond meny summerz ago but was run by different two foots in dis place. So dey is selling fings off cheep and I fort I get find sumfing for me. Da bit o'fluff up at the brick hutch sez its much to low class for her but it would be abowt right for me. Well she wazn't saying dat in da garden wiv her tayl up and her bum poynting in my direction was she?!!! So dis is what I gotted. A bunny toy wot wriggles and weez and chooz gwass all by itself! Wesult!

Hope you likes her. She look just like me!

Bentley Bun and Uncle xxxx

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